Prepare Yourself For The Best Sports Camera Ever The Gopro Surf Hero

As the name of the camera suggests, the Surf Hero is designed to be water friendly. However, regardless of how much water it takes, that will not interfere in any way with picture shooting or movie making. As a matter of fact, this technology was tested on the windy surf areas of Southern Mexico, Tahiti and Hawaii. Speaking of watery and harsh conditions for an electronic device, you will be glad to know that the Surf Hero can take on some wear and tear, thanks to its polycarbonate exoskeleton and waterproof materials.

Surf fishing is a kind of sport that involves catching of fish (usually in saltwater) while standing on the shore or while wading through the surf. You may or may not cast baits/lures. If this sport activity piques your interest, below are some surf fishing tips to help you get started.

Another great thing about the GoPro Surf Hero is that, even though it includes all the features of a professional camera, it has an accessible price. In fact, it is able to make HD movies of a quality that is comparable with the one that you normally find in cameras costing ten times its price. In addition to the HD movies, the Surf Hero also includes a five megapixel camera that you can set up to take quality pictures automatically. More exactly, the camera can take photographs at intervals between two and sixty seconds, until the batteries die or you fill up your SD card.

Sharm El Sheikh attracts scuba divers from all over the world for its crystal clean waters and perfect marine life. Located in the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm has now become a Mecca for kite surfing. Again, the kite surfing bay is protected by a reef ideal for learning, or those advanced riders busting out flat water power moves. Out past the reef there are a number of wave spots ideal for strapless surfing or jumping. A great choice for a relaxing holiday, slightly less hectic than Hurghada, the friendly atmosphere will have you wanting for more.

A professional surf camp Costa Rica knows that the water sport requires high levels of concentration. That’s why it organizes yoga for surfers which helps surfers focusing on their surfing and build proper posture. Surfing is something that requires proper balance, surf camps women or men pays attention to make proper balance by providing the facility to practice balance outside the water. In other words, you are required to do practice in surfer skateboards and indo boards to maintain proper balance. There is no time limit to learn surfing. Learning surfing depends on you…. And once you have learned it, no one can stop you to make your beach holiday full of adventure and luxury…

Just as in any fishing activities, there are a few things to gather before starting surf fishing. There is the fishing license you need to procure. You will need medium-heavy weight reel and rod; bucket/plastic jug and a stringer to hold the fish; baits and hooks (sizes depend on the kind of fish you want to catch); tackle box; personal stuff (sunscreen, snacks, beach chair, etc.)

Safaga has something for all skill levels and boasts a number of kite surfing centers offing lessons. The area has shallow clear waters ideal for the sport with a relaxed but busy atmosphere. The area has slightly less winds than some of the other spots but the local centre host daily boat trips upwind to a sandbar, which is a paradise for any kite surfer. They offer hot or cold drinks during the 10 minute ride and during this time you can get to know your fellow kite surfers and talk shop about what you did right or wrong while out on the water.

Hurghada started of as a sleepy fishing village, but now one of Egypt’s premiere kite surfing destinations. Hurghada is a busy town and offers a range of restaurants and light life, including top names such as Pacha and Ministry of Sound. The kite surfing in Hurghada offers a combination of flat water lagoons and wave riding in the surf, perfect for advanced riders. The wind is very consistent throughout the year and an average temperature of mid twenties suits most visitors.

Beach reconnaissance can be made easier by using Polaroid glasses. Such glasses can help cut the reflection of light from the water so you can easily identify water color changes. Using Polaroid glasses will help in determining the schooling fish, present gutters or reefs, etc.

There is two main kite surf centers in Hurghada, Colona Water sports and Tommy Freidl Pro Centre. Colona Water sports are situated in the Magawish Village Hotel resort and perfect for families as it boasts a pool and evening entertainment. The lagoon for kite surfing is shallow and protected by a reef, making perfect conditions for beginners and intermediates wanting to improve.

All of these beaches have something to offer both beginners and the more experienced surfers. When heading out to surf, there is nothing worse than coming up on clear water with no waves. These beaches offer the best waves on any given day and have yet to disappoint. Regardless of which beach you pick from this list, you are destined to come up on some fierce waves that will lead you to a fun filled day of great swells, a good workout, and beautiful weather. Not all have easy access, and you may have to travel miles on foot to get to one of these waves, but as soon as you hit the water and start riding these swells, the felling is simply unrivalled.

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